Richie Ditta Track Frame

Handmade in San Francisco by Richie Ditta, somewhere between 2005-2006.

Spec sheet:

The bike was designed to be a one-frame-to-rule-them-all model, designed for both urban riding and as well as the velodrome, with a high bb, lugged construction and track angles.

In Cargo bike mode

How the bike lives most of its time replete with Cetma Cargo rack and short stem+risers. Can haul a suprising amount of stuff in this mode when combined with a backpack. However as the centre of gravity is pretty high with a rack like this, there can be a lot of fun with heavy boxes and Chicago's pot-holed streets.

Obligatory Action shot

More mid-table mediocracy from Pip. Once again just leaving it to late to compete in the sprint finish at Preston Park, Brighton, UK.

Racing at Preson Park

Frame Pictures

Side of frame + fork. Sadly you can't see it very well in this photograph but the chain stays have a lovely bend to them.

The industrial back-end. Inspired by this Harry Quinn. We ended going for something much more stark to really have a unique piece of steelwork.

The lovely BB shell:

Frame from the front, showing more of the nice black on black decals.

Build Pictures

Just built up after shipping to the UK, down near Palace Pier (Brighton).

Built frame at Brighton Beach

Frame shot from rear - can really see chain-stay bends.

Built frame at Brighton Beach

Work in progress shots

A few shots of the frame on its way to completion.

Frame in jig.

Rear triangle in jig.