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Sean Tate, SF

Ex San Francisco layabout now living in the lower east east north south wetside of NY city. Claims to want to do a masters in English Literature but is mainly mastering the ins and out of the Village.


Slaughter House Five
Cat's Cradle
both by Kurt Vonnegut

The Great Gatsby
(and to a lesser extent) This Side of Paradise
both by F. Scott Fitzgerald

by William Gibson

and, if you have nothing to do for next year or so... reader the entire ten book (so far) opus of The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan

also, next week, (and don't give me that "it's a kids book" crap) ... the new Harry Potter comes out!!!

by Clive Barker
...I forgot how much I liked this strange fairy-tale/horror story/fantasy work. It's really pretty cool and if somebody can have a book about horses, then I can list Imajica.

Non Fiction

Dot Con - The Greatest Story Ever Sold
the author's name escapes me (look, there it goes!) but this was a really interesting book.

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