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Terra, NY/SF

Terra is currently helping manage training for the US national sweating team from its secret base deep in the country side outside of Lodi, CA. In her spare time she's reading a lot and dreaming of returning to Berkely in the Fall.

The Emigrants, or Austerlitz
by W.G. Sebald.
Unbelievably moving and written with such a graceful clarity that itās hard to imagine how anyone could not love this manās work.

Get some F. Scott Fitzgerald back into your life. You know no one writes like he does (except Nabokov, who is, OK, better, but not as soapy). Tender Is the Night is AWESOME. I'm about to start in on The Beautiful and the Damned, whooo!

The Moviegoer
by Walker Percy.
The grown-ups' Catcher In the Rye (I know, but it's actually appealing, don't worry); funny and a quick read, too.

Seriously consider re-reading the Odyssey.

If you want to generally get angry and sad, there's always Globalization and Its Discontents, Nickel and Dimed, and of course anything by Thomas Frank or the Baffler crue, especially Commodify Your Dissent.

And, oh my God, there is so much great trash out there! Frank O'Hara's Butterfield 8 and Appointment in Samarra, John LeCarre, and I think I mentioned Fitzgerald.

[Haruki] Murakami is a wonderful writer. I've only read Norwegian Wood, though, so I'm a little behind.

I understand that not everyone loves him, but I think Thomas Pynchon is the greatest.

The essays (not the fiction!) of Joan Didion are fantastic.

I personally really liked the latest Harry Potter.

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