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History of the Cutouts

The cutouts were formed in late 2002 by Dave and Pip who realised that if you hit things they made a pleasant noise. Filled to the brim with resolve they set-off to learn how to hit things in interesting ways and to maybe reek a little havoc on an unsuspecting world.
In 2003 they actually played some shows and people didn't run screaming from the room. In fact people came back for a second helping.
So they decided they best get serious. After kidnapping and brainwashing Pete to play bass, scrapping all their ok songs and actually rehearings till their ears bled, the Cutouts are now bigger, faster, stronger than before and ready for some serious rock action.

Some one described them as post-punk. Others as "pirate-friendly" combined with a mess of gang-of-four, fugazi, talking heads and bad disco influences. But whatever, they definitely make life a little more interesting...



Dave is fond of hitting resonant objects with pointy sticks. Small sounds made large are his passion.
Better living through cheese, his motto.
When not shaving the heads of his fellow band mates, Mr. Holloway can be found cavorting inside the machine.
His favorite color is red.

Previous bands: Cutouts V1.0, Uncle F**ker

Pete (BASS + VOX)


Peter hails from Des Moines, Iowa and joined the Cutouts in late 2001, neither of which is true.
Low frequencies, as it turns out, gives your music that extra ooomph we're all looking for; Pete has plenty of both, frequencies and ooomph.
Portions of this telecast have been copyrighted for your continued detriment.



Pip was smuggled out of England in the late 1990s to save him from himself but on arrival in SF he promptly discovered Zeitgeist.
Now he likes to spend his autumn years aping Andy Gill, Greg Gin and Son House (though he can't pull any of it off).
He can't sing and foolishly dreams of playing a venue other than a converted toilet.

Previous bands: Cutouts V1.0, Warpspeed Hamsters and Lurch.