Reciprocal Form (Kauli ya Kutendeana)

A verb form suggesting reciprocating actions on each other (ie to do to each other). All verbs in reciprocal form end -na.

Two forms:

Direct Reciprocal Form

Kupiga (to beat)

-pigana (to beat each other, to wrestle, to fight)

Kupenda (to like, love)

-pendana (to like each other)

Kufuata (to follow)

-fuatana (to follow each other, to go together)

Reciprocal with Prepositional

Kupiga (to beat) → pigia (to beat for)

-pigiana (to beat for each other)

Kuandika (to write) → andikia (to write for)

-andikiana (to write to/for each other)

Kusoma (to read) → somea (to read for)

-someana (to read to/for each other)

Note: Pay attention to the subtle changes in meaning in the reciprocal form. For example, andika in the non-prepositional, andikana, literally means to write on each other.

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