Uses of Ki

Conditional Tense (if)

Expresses if an action occurs then and typically has two forms:

-ki- with Polite

Use -ki- with the polite (or subjunctive form). Kwa mfano:

-ki- with Future

Or use -ki- with the future tense, kwa mfano:

Negating -ki- (kanusha)

Use -sipo- (unless, if not) to negate -ki-, kwa mfano:

Monosyllabic Verbs

Drop ku- in positive but use whole verb in negation, kwa mfano kutumia kuja:

Alternative Condtional using Kama

You can also use kama (if) to form conditional sentences.

Present Participle use of -ki-

Used generally with two actions: old and new, which shows an ongoing action or state in the present. Kwa mfano:

-ki- with -po- (if I will do / was doing)

Can use -ki- with -po- to form sentances that express the desire to do something. Kwa mfano:

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