About tinyblueplanet


With over 14 years of software development with a focus on custom embedded systems and high performance computing, we utilize biological inspired approaches to develop novel solutions to tricky problems.

Technology developed by the developers at tinyblueplanet has been integrated into major commercial software releases from household names in the fields of business and entertainment software.

Current Projects

  • AI behaviours in games and simulation.
  • Internal logistics software.
  • Distributed social networking agents for various mobile platforms.
  • Smart language learning systems for portable devices.
  • CTRNN based 3D gesture recognition systems for mobile devices.

Recent Completed Projects

  • Evolved control systems for custom video game controllers. Used Continuous Time Recurrent Neural Networks (CTRNNs) to extract 3D user gestures from noisy accelerometer and infra-red sensor data.
  • Biological inspired search systems.
  • Prototype ultra-stable agent control systems to research potentially novel techniques for handling perturbations in environment and operating conditions.
  • Automated Newspaper archiving AI recognition software that decomposed pages, recognized stories and linking of story fragments over multiple pages. Also included smart clipping services for large-scale commercial application.
  • Document structure recognition system for commercial OCR applications.

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