Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems Research

[LOGO] Page contains notes and research from the University of Sussex’s Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems (EASy) course.

Work is from 2006-7 but left here incase any of its ever useful.

Masters Thesis

On Simulations of Corticospinal Projections.

The complete version of thesis is available on request from the author and contains all the Matlab, C++ code and extra data for the project.

Course work

Dynamics of Development: On Reductions in Dynamic Degrees of Freedom

Adaptive Systems: On Adaptation via Ultrastability

Computational Neuroscience: Presentation on Cortical Development and Remapping through Spike Timing Dependent Plasticity

Artificial Life: On Dynamics of Searching Behaviours

Intelligence in Animals and Machines: On Problems of Self-Organisation

Formal Computational Skills: An Investigation into the Dynamics of a Continuous Time Recurrent Neural Network Node


All work by Richard “Pip” Potter, University of Sussex, 2006-7.

Source code available on request for all projects.

EASy Research

Center for Computational NuroScience and Robotics Research